A chicken and rooster enjoy themselves, presumably outside a home in Salisbury, MD

Is it legal to raise chickens at home in Salisbury, MD?

Laws Regarding Raising Chickens and Ducks in Salisbury, MD

Citizens interested in a taste of farm-life may have considered getting some chickens for their backyard. After all, fresh eggs for breakfast sounds like a wholesome proposition. Is it legal to raise chickens and/or ducks at home in Salisbury, MD?

Yes, the Salisbury mayor and city council approved an ordinance in 2015 that allows citizens to keep chickens and ducks within the city limits. This ordinance is part of an effort to allow citizens the right to grow their own food if they so please.

However, if one chooses to own chickens there are a variety of regulations to be mindful of. These regulations are intended to enable residents to keep a small number of chickens and ducks while limiting potential adverse effects. In addition, owning and raising chickens is not a simple task, and individuals are strongly encouraged to conduct ample research beforehand; it should not be taken lightly.

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What stipulations should I be aware of before choosing to raise chickens in Salisbury, MD?

Before owning chickens in Salisbury, citizens should be mindful of the following:

  • Before purchasing chickens or ducks, they must be registered with the State Department of Agriculture.
  • Each household is allowed up to six chickens and/or ducks total. The combination of chickens and ducks must not exceed six per occupied single-family dwelling.
  • Odors from the chickens or ducks, from the chicken or duck manure, or other chicken/duck-related substances must not be perceptible at the property.
  • The chickens and ducks must be kept in an enclosure or fenced area at all times. They may be allowed out during daylight hours.
  • The animals must be provided with feed and clean water at all times, and that feed and water must be rodent-proof.
  • They chickens and ducks must be afforded veterinary care if they are known or suspected to be sick or injured.
  • The henhouse must provide safe and healthy living conditions for the chickens while minimizing adverse impacts to other residents in the neighborhood.
  • Chicken and duck manure must be properly removed.
  • No person shall keep, own, maintain, use or have in his possession any live turkeys, guineas, geese, ducks or pigeons within any residential district.
  • It’s prohibited to discharge into the system any runoff, wash down water or waste from the animal pen, kennel, fowl or livestock containment area or any pet wastes generally.

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