2019 Volkswagen Jetta emerges from a glow of sunshine.

Who is the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta made for?

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Ideal Consumer

The reason automakers produce such a range of cars is that each one has a target audience. Sometimes you look at one and think, “who are they aiming for with that?” Today we’re here to answer the question: who is the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta made for?

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An American Emphasis

The 2019 Volkswagen Jetta has been noted for being aimed at Americans. In Europe, the Volkswagen Golf is extremely popular. It performs well in the States too, but unlike Europeans, we seem to have something deeply engrained that makes us hesitant towards hatchbacks. To compensate, VW provides the Jetta, a sedan optimized for the substantial American sedan market.

Sedan Loyalists

While many car buyers these days are swept up in “crossover fever,” there’s still a quieter-yet-sizeable chunk of the populace that continues to prefer the sedan. It’s straight to the heart of these people that the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta aims. The vehicle is sensible, but not boring. The drive it provides is pleasant and enjoyable. And it’s packed with the standard equipment and tech that us stateside folks tend to froth over.

Young Up-and-Comers

Looking at the gallery of photos on the Volkswagen website, the people pictured driving the Jetta look to be young, stylish, up-and-coming city folk. They don’t show off too heavily, but they embrace the benefits of modern life. They’re not larger-than-life perfect, but they seem to be doing better than most in their own humble way. They’ve got their act together with a healthy dose of self-awareness.

Though Volkswagen advertises the style of the 2019 Jetta as being something that “turns heads,” they also tell users they will, “make a statement, without screaming.” Judging by this, we can determine VW is aiming for people who like the idea of inadvertently impressing others without seeming like they’re explicitly trying to show off (okay, this is pretty common among humans).

VW also uses the adjectives, “sporty” and “sleek.” The ideal drivers look active, but not uneducated. They’re just unique enough to make them stand out positively from the crowd, but not so much as to be unsettling to well-mannered society.

The “Middle Class”

The starting MSRP of $18,745 seals the aim of 2019 Jetta for this particular class of American society. Enjoy your twenties and early 30s in a Jetta, they seem to be saying, and by your fifties you’ll be in an Audi.

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A man shrugs as an oil drum and car float through the air around him.

How often should you change the oil in a car you rarely drive?

Getting an oil change is important to keep your car running. But what if your car is seldom running anyway? Lots of humans out there own a vehicle that they rarely take out of their garage. Maybe it’s a collectors item, or maybe it’s only used for long-distance road trips.

Whatever the reason, owners of such rarely-driven machines commonly find themselves wondering, “how often should I get an oil change in this vehicle I hardly ever drive?” Today, we’re finally going to lay that long-standing question to rest.’

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Even if you don’t often drive your vehicle, you should still get your oil changed regularly if you ever drive it at all. To be on the safe side, it’s good to do so every four to six months. If your vehicle is newer, or you’re using synthetic oil, requirements may be lower than this. The best source, as always, is your instruction manual. These days, instruction manuals can be found online, so even if you’ve lost the physical copy, give Google a shot.

Why should you change oil in a car that you don’t use often?

Even if oil is not being used, it’s aging. And oil doesn’t get better with age. It’s classified as “hygroscopic,” which means it absorbs water vapor from the air that then dilutes it. Such diluted, degraded oil is not going to do a great job lubricating your engine when you fire it up. And inadequate lubrication will result in all sort of serious issues in your powertrain.

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I don’t like changing my oil. Where can I have it done?

If you don’t want to change the oil in your car yourself, take it to a service center. We happen to know a great one- our own shop here at Pohanka Volkswagen of Salisbury! This is especially pertinent if you actually live in the Eastern Maryland area. But we don’t discriminate. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you (and that rarely-driven car of yours) soon!


A toy car drives with a toy tree tied to its roof.

What’s the best way to transport a Christmas tree on your car roof?

In the eyes of many, an essential part of Christmas is the Christmas tree. Having the look and aroma of a real pine in your house for the holidays is hard to beat. And you don’t even have to chop one down; these days, it’s easy to drive to any local lot and pick out the tree that speaks to you.

However, you still have to get the tree home, and this can be a real challenge. One option is to put it inside your vehicle, but then you have to deal with getting sap and pine needs everywhere. Furthermore, you may not have a vehicle with a cargo hold big enough to fit an entire Christmas tree inside.

In this case, the best remaining option is to tie the Christmas tree to the roof of your vehicle. This can seem pretty frightening, so we’ve compiled some tips and instructions provided by Volkswagen to help out. Read on below to learn how to successfully transport a tree on your car roof.

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 How to Transport a Christmas Tree on the Roof of your Vehicle

The first question to answer is: do you have a roof rack?

Yes, I have a roof rack.

Good! This is the ideal option. A roof rack makes the tree easier to secure, and leaves a reassuring amount of space between the trees sharp needles and your car’s paint job.

  1. Secure the tree on the roof rack with the tip pointing backwards. Ideally, this is done with two people so that you can get the tree into position.
  2. Secure the tree using lashing straps. First, rap the trunk, and then the whole tree. Tie it tightly to the frame on the roof.
  3. Attach a signal to the tree to make it visible to other drivers. This could be in the form of a red flag, or a red flashing light with reflectors.
  4. Before you drive off, make sure your field of vision through the rear windshield is clear.

No, I do not have a roof rack.

That’s okay. Though not ideal, transporting the tree without a roof rack is still possible. Just make sure the tree is netted, in order to reduce the risk of paint scratches.

  1. Net the tree, in order to reduce the risk of paint scratching.
  2. Secure the tree to the roof rails with the tip pointing backwards. Ideally, this is done with two people so that you can get the tree into position.
  3. Secure the tree using lashing straps. First, rap the trunk, and then the whole tree. Tie it tightly to the roof rails.
  4. Attach a signal to the tree to make it visible to other drivers. This could be in the form of a red flag, or a red flashing light with reflectors.
  5. Before you drive off, make sure your field of vision through the rear windshield is clear.

Note: Do not use bungee straps to tie the tree. Instead, use strong lashing or tensioning straps to secure the heavy load.

Why should the tree tip be pointing backwards?

The tree should be transporting with the tip pointing backwards so that airflow does not push against the tree’s branches, which can cause damage. When the tip points backwards, the air will be flowing in the direction “with” the branches.

2019 Volkswagen Tiguan drives head-on up a highway out in scenic countryside.

Does Volkswagen offer a small SUV?

Drivers love SUVs, but everyone has different needs. Some need a big honker to transport their large family, friends, pets, tents, gear, and whatever else to the places they go. Some just want the tall ride height and formidably sporty capability with a more compact machine.

Volkswagen certainly serves the former audience with its gargantuan Atlas. But what about the latter? Does Volkswagen offer a small SUV?

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As of the 2020 model year, the Volkswagen Tiguan is still the smallest SUV offered by the automaker. Its dimensions are 185” L x 72” W x 66” H. Though Volkswagen refers to the Tiguan as a mid-size SUV, it elsewhere calls it the, “small SUV with big ideas.” The good news is that the 2020 Tiguan is versatile enough to cater to a wide variety of drivers.

Is the Atlas Cross Sport a small SUV?

Volkswagen did just release the all-new 2020 Atlas Cross Sport. Though smaller than the Atlas (it has two rows of seats as opposed to the full-size incarnation’s three), it’s still bigger than the Tiguan. The dimensions of the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport are: 195.5” L x 78.3” W x 67.7” H. It rides on the same 117.3-inch wheelbase as the three-row Atlas.

Will Volkswagen make a small SUV in the future?

It’s reported that a VW SUV smaller than the Tiguan should arrive in the U.S. within a few years. There is currently a vehicle in production for the South American and Chinese markets, known as the VW Tarek and VW Tharu, respectively. This small SUV is slotted to go on sale in South America in 2020.

A subtly tweaked version of the Tarek/Tharu is expected to arrive on dealership lots (such as ours!) in the U.S. in 2021. Rumored dimensions for the 2020 VW Tarek are: 175.3” L x 72.5” W x 64.3” H. There is a distance of 105.8 inches between the axles.

Rear end of a Habanero Orange 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan rolling down a city street at night.

Does the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan have remote start?

Remote Start 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan

It’s getting chilly here on the Delmarva Peninsula. Many of us have been suffering a recurring dose of what we here at Pohanka Volkswagen call “Cold Car Syndrome.” That is, every time we get in our car after it’s been parked for a few hours or more, especially when outside, it’s cold.

We walk through the icy air to get to the car, and then we struggle to drive through our shivers for a few minutes until the car finally warms up. This can take varying amounts of time depending on the quality of your heating system. The prospect of suffering through yet another winter in this way is not a very appealing one.

Luckily, there’s a feature that can greatly alleviate such pain; it’s known as remote start. Does the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan come with remote start?

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Yes, the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan comes with remote start on the SEL trim and above. This means that buyers will get standard remote start on the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL, SEL R-Line, SEL R-Line Black, SEL Premium and SEL Premium R-Line trims. Remote start is an available feature for the 2019 Tiguan S and SE trims.

Can I add remote start to a 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan?

If you pick up a 2019 Tiguan that does not have remote start equipped, do not despair! Aftermarket kits are available from Volkswagen. These can be perused through our Volkswagen Parts & Accessories store.

Why get a vehicle with remote start?

As stated in our lengthy intro above, remote start is particularly useful for easing the pain of cold weather. It makes your daily commutes easier by warming your vehicle before you get inside, doing away with that period of freezing discomfort. The drive becomes more enjoyable for both you and your passengers.

Pre-warming a vehicle using remote start can also melt off the ice accumulated on your windows and windshield, which can save you from having to use a scraper. It can also warm your engine and oil so that your vehicle has an easier time functioning once you start driving. Also, once the hot summer weather arrives, you can use remote start to cool your car before getting in.

However, do be careful not to let your car idle too long. This can damage your car, waste fuel, and harm the environment. Most remote start systems have a timer that shuts off automatically after ten to twenty minutes.

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A cartoon turkey is joyfully running.

What 2019 Thanksgiving events are taking place in Salisbury, MD?

2019 Thanksgiving Runs and Events in Salisbury, MD

Though the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Thanksgiving is likely eating, followed closely by a gathering of family, the “Turkey Trot” Thanksgiving run has also become a part of many yearly traditions. Though huffing and puffing along the jogging trail may not be as instinctively pleasurable as stuffing one’s face with food, running can deliver a high of its own sort and make the feast later in the day that much more guilt-free.

There are a few Thanksgiving runs and events going on in Salisbury this year. Check them out below!

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Turkey Trek 5K at Pemberton Park

Where? Pemberton Park-Wicomico Dept of Recreation

When? 9 am to 11 am

If you’re a fan of nature, we recommend the Turkey Trek 5K at Pemberton Park. The 11th annual reprise of this event will take place along Pemberton Historical Park’s lovely trails. At the end, refreshments and holiday pie will be available. There will be awards for the male and female overall winners, the best Thanksgiving costume, and first through third place in the seven age groups.

Turkey Trot Charity 5K at the YMCA

Where? Richard A Henson Family YMCA, 715 S. Schumaker Drive, Salisbury

When? 8:30 AM

If you’d prefer to run in the city (or would like to support the YMCA), head over to the Turkey Trot Charity 5K starting at the Richard A Henson Family YMCA. If you choose to participate, it’s recommended that you pick up your “packet” in advance. Prospective runners can come down to do so on November 27th from 2 pm until 7 pm. Alternatively, you can get it Thanksgiving morning starting at 7 AM, but lines tend to be long. You’ve been warned.

Thanksgiving AUCE Buffet

Where? Deli at Pecan Square, 1210 Nanticoke Road, Unit 13, Salisbury

When? 10 AM until 7 PM

Maybe running isn’t your thing; that’s cool too. In that case, you can head down to the Thanksgiving AUCE Buffet in the Deli at Pecan Square. This delectable meal is all you can eat. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about prep, serving, or cleaning up after.

Where can I get a free tire rotation in Salisbury, MD?

Free Tire Rotation in Salisbury MD

Tire rotation is an important routine service to perform on your vehicle. Without periodic rotation, your tires receive undue amounts of wear in specific areas, causing them to completely deteriorate more quickly and cry out for replacement sooner. And no one wants to buy new tires more often than necessary.

But it’s not a lot of fun to pay big bucks for a tire rotation either. If you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re probably wondering: where can I get a free tire rotation in Salisbury, MD?

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Pohanka Volkswagen is currently holding a special offer for a free tire rotation. This offer expires on October 31st, 2019 (spooky!). If that day has already passed as you read this, however, feat not: a full list of current specials can be perused on our specials page. The free tire rotation offer may even have been renewed!

Keeping an eye on service specials in general is a great way to save money on routine maintenance costs. To get the value of the free tire rotation, present the coupon prior to the service write-up.

Maintenance and Service Center at Pohanka Volkswagen

Here at Pohanka Volkswagen, we offer a wide variety of services for your vehicle to ensure its every whim is catered to. This of course includes the aforementioned tire rotation. As an official Volkswagen dealership, we are proud to provide Volkswagen factory-certified service and repair, although we will also perform work on all makes and models. It doesn’t even matter whether you purchased your vehicle from us- we won’t judge!

One of our most popular benefits for customers is the ability to relax in our comfortable lounge area while the maintenance team does its work. It can be hard to get some time for yourself these days, but we provide it to the best of our ability with amenities such as Wi-Fi, fresh coffee, soda, snacks, televisions and more. If you have questions about the free tire rotation offer or anything else, feel free to contact us today.