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Why You Shouldn't Drive While Low On Gas


Everyone knows keeping gas in your tank is an imperative part of getting you and your vehicle from point A to point B. However did you know letting your gas level get too low can actual cause detrimental damage to your car? Here are some parts of your vehicle that can be negatively affected by letting that little gas light shine:


Engine Problems

Your fuel tank holds your vehicle’s gasoline (or diesel) and uses fuel lines to pump it to your engine. When you have a low amount of gas in your tank sediment begins to sit and gets fed to your engine when there is nothing left to give it. This could cause severe engine malfunction and could also clog your fuel lines both of which are costly repairs.


Fuel Pump

The less gas in your tank the harder the fuel pump has to work to keep your car going.Your fuel pump has to work longer and harder if your tank doesn’t have much gas. This is unnecessarily over working a much needed system. Your fuel also keeps this pump lubricated and having little fuel can cause it to stall. If your pump begins to fail it will need to get repaired or replaced which is often very costly. These problems can be easily avoided by keeping your tank satisfyingly full of fuel.


Fuel Filter

The fuel filters primary job is to filter air before it gets to the engine. Any seidments that get sent from the fuel tank to the engine will go through this filter. If the filter is clogged, damaged or overused it can fail completely causing even more dirt and excess sediments to get into your engine and fuel lines. Some cars have replaceable fuel filters but others don’t. Therefore it’s even more important to cater to the fuel filter because it can be a major and costly repair depending on the type of car you drive.


Experts recommend not letting your tank get below the ¼  marker in order to prevent any of these catastrophes. Next time you think you have x more miles to go before running out of gas think of the costly repairs we talked about above; It might be worth pulling over at the next station.


Have you been a little too loose with filling up your gas tank in a timely manner? Our service department would be happy to take a look at your vehicle and make sure it is fit for the road. Click here to make an appointment today.

Benefits of a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen


Ever wonder what the difference is between a pre-owned vehicle and a certified pre-owned vehicle? You see the sign advertising that the car you’re looking at is “certified pre owned” but what does that actually mean? Is it worth the extra cost? The short answer is yes but let’s explore why.


First off a certified pre owned car is a vehicle that has been through an intense and deliberate inspection by a Volkswagen trained technician. This is to ensure that any problems with the car are fixed BEFORE it goes on the market. Any recalls, manufacture flaws or other problems will be addressed and fixed before the car leaves the lot. So when purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle you are assured that the car has been properly and thoroughly inspected and maintained to fit today’s top safety standards


Second, when purchasing a certified pre-owned car you are instantly purchasing a vehicle with some much needed add ons. For example the Volkswagen Certified pre-owned warranty adds 2 years or 24,000 miles of coverage on top of the brands 3 year/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Certified pre owned VW cars even come with a detailed Carfax Vehicle History Report and a 3 month Sirius XM All Access Trial Subscription. Not certified pre-owned cars will typically carry out the original warranty that came with the vehicle but those are most often expired by the time the car has been resold.


So is it worth it to purchase a certified pre-owned VW? Yes! Though vehicles made by Volkswagen are meant to be reliable and last longer than ever, having an extended warranty as well as numerous other perks are well worth the minimal additional cost. The multi point inspection a certified pre-owned vehicle goes through also insures that there will be no immediate problems with the car and will put your mind at ease for a long time to come.


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10 Essentials To Have In Your Car During Winter

Driving during the wintertime can be very dangerous especially when the forecast calls for a large amount of snow or ice. You no longer only have to worry about where your keys are and if you have a full tank of gas but also the ice that must be scrapped from your windows, your tire pressure and traction, shoveling snow around your car and more. For these reasons we recommend the following list of objects to always keep in your car in case of emergency during the winter months.


A Snow Shovel

Always an essential item to have during snowy weather. Not only can a snow shovel help you dig your car out of a rough sport but it can also be used to get snow off of the roof and sides of your car. Remember leaving snow on the roof of your vehicle is very dangerous for it may come down and block your windshield while you are driving or it could fly backward into another driver’s windshield. Having a shovel with you can allow you to clean off or dig out your car whenever you may need.


An Ice Scraper

Just as snow settles on your vehicle so does Ice. Ice can cling to your windows as well as your front and rear windshield making it nearly impossible to see. Having an ice scraper can allow you to easily scrape away ice for full visibility.


Jumper Cables

Cold weather is very tough on your vehicle and especially your battery. It’s important to have jumper cables with you at all times so it can bring your car back to life in case of an emergency.



When I say a flashlight I DO NOT mean your smartphone. A cell phone battery can die or you may need the remaining battery power of a phone to call for help. It’s important to have a actual flashlight with you so you can see clearly when changing a tire or using jumping cables without wastefully utilizing other resources.


Empty Gas Can

You should not keep gas in your car but an empty gas can could save you from the trouble and expense of a tow. If you run out of gas and have an empty gas can in your car you can walk to the nearest gas station and get the gallon of gas you will need to either get to the gas station in your vehicle or to a different safe location.


Spare Tire

Bald tires are extremely dangerous during the winter months. You should always get a set of all season or snow tires before driving in any kind of storm and having a spare is essential.


Air Compressor

Cold air causes a dramatic loss of tire pressure. It’s important to maintain your tires and give them more air when need be. An air compressor makes the job simple and easy to both detect the tires current pressure and give any extra air it may require. This simple tool can prevent you from major catastrophe such as a flat tire during harsh weather.


First Aid Kit

No matter what the season it is always important to have a first aid kit on hand. Safety first is very important for your vehicle and yourself.


Small Tool Kit

You don’t have to be a mechanic to know how to use basic tools to change a tire or to perform minor repairs. Investing in a basic tool kit can save you a major headache should a problem occur especially in the winter season.


Kitty Litter

It sounds crazy but during winter weather it can be very helpful to keep some kitty litter hidden in your car. When you are in one of those unfortunate situations where you are stuck in the snow and your tires keep turning but your car isn’t going anywhere Kitty Litter can save the day! Spread the kitty litter underneath your tires to give them added traction and you will be able to get your vehicle unstuck.


Say Hello to the Brand New Volkswagen Atlas

The VW Atlas may have just arrived, but it’s already blowing the competition away. With its sleek styling, state of the art features, and a 3rd row you can actually sit comfortably in, the all new Atlas is poised to dominate the Full-Size SUV market.


The 2018 Atlases first arrived at dealerships in May of this year, and they have been flying off the lots extremely fast. Below I have listed some of the key reasons people can’t stop talking about (and buying) them.


All The Room You Will Ever Need

The 2018 Atlas is the largest vehicle in the Volkswagen Fleet. At 198.3 inches (Or, in terms that normal people understand, 16 and a half feet.), the Atlas is 4 inches larger than the Honda Pilot and 6 inches larger than the Toyota Highlander, and we all know 6 inches can make a big difference. What that means for you -the driver- is space. Do you have kids? No problem. A big dog? Cool! A ton of camping equipment, a surf board, a couple coolers and a guitar? We’ve got you covered. With the Atlas you have room to fit everything, and options for more room if the need arises. Up to 96.8 cubic feet, to be specific. The 2nd row is large enough for 3 car seats, and the 3rd row can handle 2 more. And with separate temperature controls in the 2nd row, as well as vents for the 3rd, your passengers will be able to ride comfortably no matter the season.


The Newest, Coolest Features On The Market

I’m a nerd. There. I said it. I love all types of nerdy things, but my favorites are new technology. Show me some shiny touchscreens, cool buttons, digital displays and anything that says “interface” and I’m sold. When it comes to cool technology, the 2018 is my “nerd dream” come true.

From the digital display in the cockpit you can view and control almost every aspect of the car. The touchscreen entertainment display is an 8 inch glass screen, and through that you can switch from radio (terrestrial or SiriusXM), to a host of other options. You can stream music from your phone with Bluetooth, connect directly with the USB, or you can connect with CarPlay App-Connect, which turns the screen in the car into your phone, allowing you to use most of the apps from your phone, make calls, or even send text messages with your voice.

The new Atlas also has keyless entry, push-button start, an overhead view 360 degree camera, adaptive cruise control, optional remote start, and a slew of other options. The bottom line: The 2018 Atlas has all the features you know you need, and some new ones you may have never even thought about. It is sure to satisfy even the most hardcore geeks in all of us.


A Fun, Safe Ride

Everybody wants a car that’s fun to drive. I have never once talked to someone that said “You know what I’m looking for? A mind-numbingly boring drive to work.” And the Atlas certainly doesn’t disappoint in fun. With its 8-speeed automatic transmission and a 3.6 liter V6 engine, the Atlas has the power to get you where you want to go fast.

“But will my gigantic, future-tech filled speeding tank also be safe” you ask? Why yes, yes it is. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has given it the highest ratings in all categories for a crash situation. And these are the guys who really go the extra mile to destroy cars in crash tests. Not only that, but the Atlas also has a boatload of features to help you avoid an accident in the first place. Because of things like the Blind Spot Monitor, Lane Departure Warning systems, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Forward Collision Warning with Autonomous Braking, you’re a lot less likely to be involved in a collision.


And there you have it. I could go on a lot longer about how great the new Atlas is, but I really do believe that seeing it in person will prove it way better than anything I can say. And guess what. We have one in stock. Right now! So get up off of your couch. Walk right out of the office (It’s okay. You weren’t really working anyway.). And get here as fast as you can to take it for a test drive and see for yourself. They go fast, and you don’t want to miss out on owning the best SUV on the market today.